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NCERT Books Download – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a NCERT books download source, you will likely not have to look further. We will help you download any NCERT book you may be looking for while making sure you get what you need fairly easily and in a convenient manner.

That said, let us discuss a bit about what NCERT is all about as well as shed some light on NCERT books and how they tend to be very different from their other counterparts across the country.

NCERT – An Introduction

NCERT, or the National Council of Educational Research and Training, is a kind of charitable society specifically working in the field of science and literary. It was established by the Government of India itself on September 1, 1961 under the Societies’ Registration Act.

It’s currently being led by Dr Hrushikesh Senapathy, who was appointed the director of the organization in September 2015, with its headquarters being located in New Delhi.

Finally, it’s also important to note that despite being formed by the Government of India, the NCERT isn’t controlled by the government and rather works more like an individual educational and research organization.


Now, coming to NCERT books, the first thing you may want to know is that these books are usually recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for classes I to XII. There are a few exceptions with respect to some subjects, but the CBSE plays a crucial role when it comes to the syllabus these books contain.

The NCERT books seem to be fairly popular in the country, and have been adopted or adapted by as many as about 20 schools located across 14 different states.

You can get these textbooks in both online and print format. For receiving printed copies of these textbooks, you have to make a request for the same through NCERT. You will have to pay a royalty of 5% to get the soft copies of these books delivered to your preferred address.

Downloading Online

However, accessing these books online is a much easier process. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a NCERT books buy online source or want to get NCERT books in Hindi, you will likely have no trouble getting it the way you want online.

It will obviously also be hassle-free and way faster, as you would likely have the books you need in a few minutes. But there’s something you should be aware of.

While there are many sources for NCERT books download, they may also differ quite a bit when it comes to the availability of book material as well as other factors such as additional study material, reliability of the solutions and more. However, we try to make sure that we serve you – the students – as a “complete” source.

Now, coming to the official pricing of NCERT books, they actually boast of being the cheapest in Indian education. Up to class VIII, there’s no book that costs more than Rs 50; previously the maximum price was only Rs 30. That said, there are private publishers too and the books they sell aren’t priced anywhere near this cheap.

Something that you may want to take into consideration given you’re interested in a NCERT books download source, however, is that from 2018 the NCERT would no longer rely on the CBSE for publishing central text books; it will establish itself as the sole publisher of central text books, and the CBSE would then only be tasked with conducting examinations.

Benefits of NCERT Books Download

While we have already touched upon the reasons you may want to consider downloading NCERT books or looking for a NCERT books buy online source, let us get a bit more detailed on it.

The first reason is obviously the price if you’re going for sources that allow you to download NCERT books for free. While NCERT books are far from expensive, the cost can still add up when you’re buying a bunch of them together.

Now, while the official NCERT website does allow you to download the online version of the textbooks for free, doing so can be a tricky and perhaps time-consuming task. Their user interface doesn’t seem to be very user-friendly, which is where website like ours come in.

They make sure you find what you’re looking for and are able to download it in just a few clicks without having to bother going through a complicated process just to download a single book. Similarly, even if you’re looking to buy NCERT books online, there are apparently quite a few reliable sources that can help you get what you want for fairly affordable prices surprisingly quickly. The same goes for NCERT books in Hindi.

Furthermore, some websites even offer solutions that help students find and adopt the right approach to the NCERT syllabus. What’s more, you can also easily find sample exam papers, question banks for CBSE exams and additional study material, including useful study tips online.

These resources can obviously come in handy when preparing for an exam that typically tends to be more competitive, as there’s probably not much offered in terms of help or assistance from the NCERT except the books that you can get from them online for free or for a cost by getting them delivered to your home.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why would one only want to stick too NCERT books and other relevant material for even competitive exams, then it’s usually due to the following reasons.

  • Simplicity of language: NCERT books are typically written in a very simple language which make them easy to understand for all types of students irrespective of their educational or language background. This makes NCERT books very popular as the language is quite a barrier as far as Indian education is concerned.
  • Thoroughly researched: Despite being written in a very simple language, NCERT books are backed by a lot of research. They are usually written by experts of the specific subject, as well as are carefully vetted before getting published.
  • Important from exam point-of-view as well: Apparently many of the questions in most of the competitive examinations conducted across the country come from NCERT books, making them a crucial study material from an examination point-of-view as well.