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TUTORIAL Check AP Epass Status

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ePASS is electronic payment and application system of scholarship. In this system the scholarship is offered to the some students based on their eligibility. It is a great thing for the one who want to achieve something in their life but could not do it due to scarcity of money. In scholarship they get-

  1. Reimbursement of tuition fee in full to the student who are pursuing post matrix course from an approved university.
  2. It is sanctioned two times in a year.
  3. The mess and the maintenance charges are sanctioned every month as per the rates.

But every student is not eligible to get this scholarship. The eligibility for getting scholarship is-

  1. Student who belong to SC, ST category and whose parental annual income is less than 2 lakhs and below.
  2. BC, EBC, Disabled welfare student whose parental income is one lakh and below.
  3. Students whose attendance is 75% at the end of each quarter.

There are many student who fall in this category but still not eligible for getting the scholarship. They are-

  1. The student is pursuing part time or online courses.
  2. All students which are admitted under management seats quota.
  3. Students who are earning the stipend more than the scholarship annually.
  4. The students who are studying the course from open universities, distant mode or in category B seats of MBBS, BDS.
  5. EBC student studying in intermediate course or equivalent.

To get the scholarship the student should check the eligibility. Also it is not available when a student in undergoing all courses, a proper knowledge of the courses is necessary if he wants the scholarship. The courses which are approved for scholarship are-

  1. Professional courses
  2. Professional and technical graduate
  3. PG
  4. CA/I.C.W.A/C.S
  5. Graduate level diploma courses.

Once a person has fulfilled above criteria and taken admission is the course which offers the scholarship, he needs to check his college. There are certain college which are permitted to give scholarship. The college’s are-

  1. All the post matrix college of Andhra Pradesh which are recognised by the government of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. The list of colleges that are suggested by the administrative department to commissioner of social welfare.

Thus a student needs to check all this and then can apply for the scholarship.

A application form is to be filled by the student and then it submission should be within one month from the date of admission. The application form should be along with a bonafied certificate issued by principal with the date same as date of submission. A verification process is there after that two times in a year.

Scholarship is a great support for many of them. Passing all this a student get its scholarship in its account. But to know that whether the application is accepted or rejected, one should check the status.

To check status one should visit http://apepass.cgg.gov.in/status.html

If a person doesn’t have its application number then he could know it from http://apepass.cgg.gov.in/number


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